Slide Out Racks

Slide out racks, pioneered by Middle Atlantic Products, solve a common challenge by providing rear access to equipment and connections where a rear open aisle is not possible. They are ideal for cramped utility spaces, systems built into residential or commercial millwork and small systems in AV furniture. All styles have robust weight capacities and pull forward to provide rear access; some styles also rotate to further increase accessibility.

Slide out racks range in capacity from 8 to 44 rack spaces.

AXS Series, In-Wall Slide Out Rack

Install AV equipment flush in wall or cabinet; rolls out for access

AXS Series, Slide Out Rack in Steel Enclosure

Systems slide slide out from steel enclosures; ideal for against a wall

AX-SXR Series, In-Wall Slide Out Rotating Rack

Pulls out 31” and rotates for access; holds up to 450 lbs.

WR Series, Roll Out Rotating Rack

Rack frame rolls out of its own steel host enclosure

ASR-HD Series, Heavy-Duty Slide Out Rotating Shelving System

Holds non-rackmount equipment in cabinetry and wall openings

ASR Series, Slide Out Rotating Shelving System

Slides out and rotates for better access to rear connections

REB series, Slide Out Rotating Base

Sliding, rotating design provides easy access to cables and equipment

SRSR Series, Slide Out Rotating Rail System

Removable rack frame pulls out and rotates for rear access

SRS Series, Slide Out Rail System

Removable rack frame pulls out for rear access