Gangable Floor-Standing Enclosures

Gangable racks are designed for larger installations where more than one rack is needed. Normally, they are floor-standing and feature large openings on the sides as well as front and back, and have holes or pre-installed nuts that allow the racks to be bolted together side-to-side. (Some installers also prefer them for single-rack jobs because the open sides provide unrestricted access during installation.) Attaching the racks firmly together provides strength, stability, and allows cabling to pass between racks. Side panel sets are available to cover the sides once the installation is complete; one set of side panels will close off an entire row of ganged racks.

Most floor-standing gangable racks range in capacity from 19 to 44 or 45 spaces, with the Extra Tall VMRK up to 54 spaces.

Solutions are also available to close off one or more sides in the middle of a row of ganged racks – for securely separating web hosting machines, for example – call us for details.

BGR Series, 23" Wide Enclosure

More functionality than any other rack system

MRK Series, 22" Wide Enclosure

This contractor favorite is a workhorse for large multi-bay jobs

GRK Series Broadcast Rack

Versatile welded gangable rack features superior construction.

VRK Series, 22" Wide Enclosure

Designed specifically for video applications with built-in lacing bars

VMRK Series, 22" Wide Enclosure

54 space rack takes full advantage of taller spaces

WMRK Series, 24" Wide Enclosure

Optimized for holding deep equipment in raised floor installs

WRK Series, 24-1/4" Wide Enclosure

Wider rack for larger cable bundles and greater cooling airflow

DRK Series, 30" Wide Enclosure

Designed for cable-intensive applications

Slim 5 Series, 19-1/8" Wide Rack Frame

Versatile rack frame system in 12 standard sizes; ships flat

SNE Series, 24", 27.6" and 30" Wide Security Network Enclosure

Ideal security rack; pre-configured for IP, analog or hybrid systems

Essex QAR Series, Quick Assembly Rack

Quick assembly rack series, saves 30+ minutes of assembly with its patent pending design