VGA or HD15 is the analog connection used to connect computers and laptops to projectors or additional monitors. In light of Analog Sunset, VGA is considered a legacy connector, and will be replaced with a digital HDMI or DisplayPort connector in the near future.

Flexima VGA Cables

Ultrathin, flexible, CL3-rated in-wall, UXGA resolution; up to 100 feet long

Plenum VGA Cables

CMP-rated plenum jacket VGA cables; up to 75 feet

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VGA HD15 cables are designed for source to display connectivity in commercial, in-home and desktop applications.

VGA + 3.5mm Cables

VGA with 3.5mm audio; UXGA resolution; standard jacket; up to 100 feet

VGA Devices

VGA Cables

VGA HD15 cables carry an analog signal from a VGA enabled device such as a projector or computer to a monitor.

VGA Extension Cables

Extend a VGA signal up to 150 feet from a projector, computer or laptop to a display.

VGA KVM Cables

KVM switches that allow for the use of a single keyboard, mouse and monitor across multiple PC's.

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