Adapters & Adapter Cables

Adapting one connector type to another is simple with adapters. We offer digital, analog, audio, video, fiber optic and networking adapters so you can stay connected regardless of the devices you are connecting.

3.5mm Adapters

3.5mm Y-cables, adapters, couplers, and headphone breakout cables

DisplayPort Adapters

DisplayPort dongle style adapter converters and adapter cables

DVI Adapters

Use our bidirectional DVI adapters or adapt a male DVI connection to a female connection.

HDMI Adapters

HDMI adapter cables and couplers and angled and rotating HDMI adapters for increased flexibility in device placement.

RF Adapters

Wi-Fi BNC, N, SMA, and TNC adapters

Serial Adapters

Quick solutions to connect serial ports ot other serial ports and an array of other standard

USB Adapters

USB products for adapting nearly any connector for use with a USB port.

VGA Adapters

VGA adapters for connecting M1, DVI, DisplayPort, MAC, BNC or USB devices to a VGA display and port savers to preserve the integrity of a VGA port.

Audio Adapters

Audio Adapters, Audio Couplers and Audio Connectors

Component & Composite Adapters

Adapters and couplers to get the most out of your composite and component connections

RCA Adapters

RCA Y-cables, couplers, and right angle adapters available in both stereo and mono audio.

S-Video Adapters

Adapters and couplers to help you link your S-video devices