Middle Atlantic Products offers a wide range of utility and special-purpose shelves to support your project needs. Models in this section include standard rack mounting or innovative 4-point models that save rackspace and have high weight capacities. Note that unlike some low-quality offerings, most Middle Atlantic shelves are partially or fully vented to help maintain cooling airflow.

RSH Series Custom Rackshelves

Professional mounting and trimming of any non-rackmount component in a standard 19” enclosure.

Utility and Clamping Rackshelves

Sturdy steel construction; hold non-rackmount components

Sat-Cable Box Rackshelves

Superior ventilation for any components that generate lots of heat

Vented Center Mount Shelves for Open Frame Racks

Designed for use with two post racks

Small Device Mounting Shelves

Fully vented shelves have flexible patterns to hold small devices

Half Rack Rackshelves

Wide Unit Shelf System

Holds components too wide for standard rackshelves

Chassis Support Brackets

Simple and effective equipment support; easy to make quick changes

Wall Mount Shelf

Holds non-rackmount components for wall mounting installations

Fixed Writing/Computer Keyboard Shelves

Provides convenient working space at the rack installation

Portable Media Player Shelves

Accommodates media players and similar electronic accessories

Custom Rackshelf Search

Trims non-rackmount components for professional installation

Rack-Specific Shelves

Unique capabilities or mounting limit these shelves to specific racks