External Vertical Cable Ducts

Middle Atlantic offers a range of metal and plastic cable ducts to meet project needs. Every model has plenty of cable egress points for control of cable locations and bend radius. Plastic models are economical and fingers can be easily removed for larger bundle exit. Metal models are sturdy steel construction for years of dependable service.

VCD Series, Vertical Steel Wire Cable Ducts

Routes, controls, and dresses cables between racks; steel fingers

PCD Series, Vertical Plastic Cable Ducts

Cost effective solution; comes in range of sizes and lengths

CK Series, Vertical Steel Cable Ducts

Works with select open frame racks to organize cables

CC Series, Vertical Cable Chases

Provides ample space between racks for cable routing

SNE-CC Series, Cable Chases

Cable chase, split lift-off style; with installable lock for extra security